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Existing sources, both dressed in smart business cooperation will be further, or jointly developed iWatch products, Apple is allegedly secret development and testing of a iOS watches, is a new type of wearable computing devices. Such rumors are not groundless, both in the field of wearable device has a lot of common ground,cheap air max 90, someone would have found Apple’s CEO Tim Cook – also a director of Nike – wearing FuelBand in the gym.

And in September 2013, Apple hired Nike’s top designers Ben Shaffer, who was in charge of wearable technology business at Nike – in the field of wearable devices, Apple and Nike, as has the exuberant ambitions. Zhang said that Apple sells hardware, sell Nike Sportswear, the two sides did not direct competition, air max uk,there is no obstacle to a partnership. If Apple sells a variety of devices, and support for Nike to develop software applications, the cooperation will be very successful.

“Based on the various origins of both sides, they can be worn on the possibility of combining the strengths of great equipment.”air max black, Nike or will exit the market Wearable team faced layoffs according to US technology media AppleInsider reports, there is news that Nike is now planning to close its wearable fitness tracking device sector, and has been launched involving 55 employees of layoffs FuelBand team work.

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