2015 air max 90 outlet women shoes

Overall, Nike’s international business in the early 80’s and 90 show steady growth. 1991 more stroke position in Europe’s second-largest brand climbed, with sales of 200 million yuan mark, but in Germany,air max 90 outlet, Adidas’s lair is no progress. International business increasingly important in Nike’s total sales amount, in 1980 only 6% in 1984 jumped to 17% in 1987 to 27% in 1993 is close to 36%. International business is 70% from the European market. Nike sales growth engine in Europe is not the dealer, but due to media advertising. Advertising budget of several million dollars from 1982 jumped to 100 million $ 20 million in 1988.

Phil. Knight believes the pattern of Nike marketing strategy is too small, and therefore decided to substantially increase the top athletes signed an endorsement and sponsorship contracts, cheap air max 2015,but with marketing activities to expand the brand of consumer touch breadth and depth. This caused a very positive consumer response: If these top players think Nike shoes is good, then I should wear Nike. Nike global television channel MTV is the most important media, but also the King of advertisers for the channel. MTV Europe’s youth and young adult population of the Miami television program, Nike surreal advertising expression, fame, popular, easily grab their identity.

On Nike is concerned, it’s just kind of appeal,air max black, both to maintain the consistency of the brand image, but also won the favorite of the young. Nike advertising makes a difference. In addition, Nike Another important use of the media is a clever activity caused shocking events topic.

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