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In recent years, along with wearable rise equipment, Nike’s product line has grown rapidly in 2012, Nike’s first intelligent motion bracelet Nike + Fuel Band officially listed, then there are Nike + Basketball, Nike + Training, Nike + Kinect Training and Nike + Move and other emerging life around sports themes range of applications. Nike Hoop Summit to be held in 2014 as the only noble named Asian player to the Nike Hoop Summit official website announced the 2014 competition lineup summit.

It is worth mentioning that in the international team (of 10 players),air max 90 qs london, Guangdong striker noble elected, he also became the only Asian players selected. In this regard, the European basketball and the NBA draft expert Wang Jian said: “This is a game-changer of their own destiny, come on!” Meanwhile, this summit the US team also gathered many talented players, many of whom Guxi Er – Oka Fu, Miles – Turner and Cliff – Alexander this is considered before the 2015 NBA Draft 3 A high pick in the draft players. Before noble, there are many Chinese players have participated in the Nike Hoop Summit. From the initial Wang, Yi Jianlian, to after Ji Zhe, Chen, Zhang Dayu, Sui Ran, Guo Allan and Wang Zhelin, have participated in the tournament. 2012, Wang Zhelin is to get 19 points and eight rebounds in the tournament, fame. 2013, Wang Zhelin because preparing for the Games, and finally gave up continue to participate in the event.

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