air max 90 true to size

Nike Football Creative Director Martin Ancelotti added:. “By adjusting the perspiration, and longer keep the body dry, you can let the players feel more comfortable sweat less, the performance will be better on the court in addition to the players to keep dry outside, Nike designers through the integrated use of cotton and recycled polyester, Nike designers have created an entirely new double knit fabric, this fabric has a good wicking performance, soft touch, and very body sculpting Adhering to superior athletic performance and both environmental protection purposes, new jersey, shorts and even socks, were extracted from the use of recycled plastic bottles recycled polyester, which is the national team for the first time in socks to use this equipment for Innovation and Technology (Shorts Material 100% Retrieved from recycled polyester jersey material taken from 96% recycled polyester, air max 90 true to size´╝îrecycled polyester material socks in the proportion is 78%). Each jersey average of 18 recycled plastic bottles.

Since 2010, Nike has recycled nearly 2 billion recovered from landfill waste plastic bottles, enough to cover more than 2800 standard football field. “In the process we have designed and developed in conjunction with the environmental benefits are very important,” Ancelotti said. “Shirt production process, we will consider all aspects of the supply chain. This includes waste, chemicals and water use . The aim is to create high-quality shirts for the players but also can bring benefits for the planet. “

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