air max 90 treat yourself

Nike launched Nike boots CR7 latest latest “Assassin” series is designed to highlight the boots of one of the world’s greatest players – Cristiano Ronaldo maneuvering speed and visual impact. Decorated with stars pattern Nike Mercurial IX CR7 CR7 exclusive boots and 2013 series draws inspiration from the Portuguese star in a unique style. Nike’s director of football Dennis Deco design category Popovich recalled: “We were watching a game, when Cristiano Ronaldo scored another brilliant free kick, air max 90 treat yourself´╝îcommentators said that ‘he is really from this planet do ? ‘

After returning home, we began pondering his playing style, he is like a celestial exudes boundless energy, like cosmic supernova. This is the source of our inspiration. “” One of the most shining star Cristiano Ronaldo embodies the style, speed, and he did not limit performance, as the vast galaxy in general. Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance on the pitch makes us feel endless so we follow this direction, is committed to using unexpected fashion to build a very high-end color boots, “Popovich said Deco.

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