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Return NikeSkin upper –Nike Hypervenom II soccer shoes: Nike’s new series with “Spark Brilliance” name. While everyone put their attention upon the latest Superfly V, but the new Hypervenom fact also is the focus of the series. In fact, I personally have always been regarded NikeSkin upper used in the soccer shoes Hypervenom I came in the top three in recent years, Nike soccer shoes innovative technology. Today, there are a lot of people wearing Hypervneom I campaign. So when Nike shoe at the time of reservation NikeSkin not launch Hypervenom II, when more or less aroused dissatisfaction. But now, Nike listened to everyone’s opinion, came good advice. Nike also felt on the upper material Hypervenom II is too hard, it takes a long time to wear open, and today’s market, the vast majority of soccer shoes are required from the beginning of the first to provide a good comfort, but also because of this, Nike seems to have no other option too, must lead generation Hypervenom of NikeSkin upper back up generation. Thankfully, Nike really did. “We want all the players to see what the top players are wearing, so we let Hypervenom I uppers rebirth in the second generation.” Marx, vice president of Nike Soccer Broughton said.