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Although parts of the tongue may say from the synthetic material is slightly different, but the parts of the mass shooting will not be much difference. Nike’s design ensures that the same touch all parts of the shoe, although the elastic tongue and other parts of the material or have a difference. Contrast X and XI, another difference is the weight. Vapor X really light, but the light will continue to flourish XI, and now it has only 165 grams! This year Adidas F50 soccer shoes debut as a light weight fairly, and in a pair of shoes so light, we see the weight does not match the sophisticated quality. New outsole is not lovable at first glance, but a few games down, we have completely enamored of it. Soles 11 arrow-shaped spikes, their remarkable performance. Stop, Sharp, change direction, cut inside, all this can be easily done new outsole, but also will not feel the pressure spikes. There is little need to remind you that this is only suitable for FG spikes design space. If you are going on the artificial field, then select the version AG. In view of its lightweight characteristics, please do the Naicao of shoes too many illusions, or honest according to site conditions to select the appropriate version of insurance.