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Nike Hypervenom II “Ousadia e Alegria” Neymar exclusive spy soccer shoes: Nike Neymar exclusive upcoming new soccer shoes Nike Hypervenom II in early 2016. Neymar to the motto “Ousadia e Alegria” (brave and happy) inspired the design of soccer shoes Nike Hypervenom Phinish in black and red brought a stunning appearance. The shoe upcoming 2016 release late January or early February, then, Neymar will also be put on his first double personalized Hypervenom II soccer shoes, of course, does not rule out that he is still wearing the disguise Hypervenom Phinsih Mercurial VaporX. The new Nike Hypervenom Phinsih when “Ousadia e Alegria” soccer shoes on May 2015 launch of Nike Hypervenom Phinish II football shoe design from his design concepts from Neymar’s motto, “Ousadia e Alegria”, that is courage and happy. Happy and courage makes him the ball when the breakthrough time: Neymar and his friend, Brazilian singer Tia owned Connaught, in 2011, came up with this phrase, when, in order to describe the less unique within the style of football . This motto has been embroidered on Neymar soccer shoes, but also become Tia owned Connaught in 2012 the name of the album, the album, Neymar has cameo.