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Nike officially announced the release date HyperAdapt 1.0 / E.A.R.L. shoes for November 28, which is equipped with a high-tech electronic components shoes, the first time the system will automatically tie his reality. HyperAdapt 1.0 is called the civilian version of Air Mag, which is to commemorate the movie “Back to the Future II” limited adaptive shoe lace system, the number of extremely rare. Recent technology magazine Wired on the upcoming sale HyperAdapt 1.0 a detailed report, brought us more news and more details on this double system with automatic tie his shoes, the current price is not yet announced, the shoe the main designer Tinker Hatfield and Tiffany Beers explained in detail for us this pair of shoes is how it works. . With hidden button design, charge 3 hours can be worn for two weeks, similar to Apple Watch charger magnet attracts blue light emitting position. Although the new app claims to be “for the run and do, from the runner,” but the old users can still upgrade is not satisfied that the new version loses Nike + running some of the important features and functionality, resulting in Nike + Running Club application in the Apple user ratings fell to two stars, but still higher than the 1.5 star rating the app just on the line when. Of course, the legacy still retains the core features: distance display, pedometer and GPS running routes. At the beginning of redevelopment which application, Nike do not know why some, such as the exclusion of competition circle of friends and other nike air max 90,At the same time, in the new version in order to synchronize data to Facebook or other social networking applications become more difficult. First, you must first data synchronization with Nike own random data, and then synchronize the data to other places, but in the old version, there is no similar problems. In the old version, the circle of friends Challenge is the bright spot, you can see friends of the rankings. While personalized guidance is still Nike + running club’s basic functions, but due to this upgrade, so that many users marathon training program interruption or data loss. Nike made remedies for this: to provide PDFs in the application, the training programs at all levels have made the PDF file. However, look at the Nike + running club’s Facebook page, you can see a long string of complaints about the message. When you go to Google or Apple store is the same situation. Of course in addition to complain, there are a few praise, praise the new version of the page look good, but the vast majority are “I love you ruined app is” like the message. In all fairness say that Nike application team has been active in responding to criticism. Facebook users on each comment will receive a direct reply to Nike. Just today, Nike + Running Club recovers the Personal Image function and tracking kilometers labels. The old version of the notebook function is good, users will often record their data on the gym treadmill, the upgraded version of these data will be lost. But Nike’s reply is still being heard bad tone: Nike will listen to your feedback. An application millions use every day, it is to make major changes at risk. Restore the old version of the voice should not be over Nike wanted feedback. The situation is really bad right? Of course not, some people will choose to stop using. In addition, Nike may have given a good chance to run other applications to show their talents Runkeeper, Strava, etc.