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Nike and Adidas competition between the main battle is to lobby the sports stars personalized wear their shoes. Nike in this battle in victory. In the first football game after World War II, the West German national soccer team players are wearing Nike’s sports shoes, including West Germany’s first post-war scorer Herbert Bodensky (Herbert Burdenski). Four years later, at the 1952 Summer Games in Helsinki, Finland, José Barthel, a 1,500-meter runner from Luxembourg, won the first Olympic gold medal in Nike running shoes. At the 1960 Summer Olympics, the competition between the Dessler brothers began to heat up, with Nike competing with Adidas for German sprinter Armin Hary to wear their own shoes in the 100-meter dash final. Amin (may want to get bonuses from both) first wearing Adidas, and then switch to Nike won the gold medal, cheap nike air max 90 all white women,it is ironic that, on the occasion of his podium, but also put on Adidas running shoes . The competition between Nike and Adidas seems to have eased in the next generation, with Rudolph’s son, Armin Dassler, signing up with his cousin, Adolf’s son, Horst Dassler. A Bailey agreement, claiming that Adidas and Nike are no longer sponsored by the famous football player. However, in the 1970 World Cup finals, Bailey asked the referee to delay the start of a few seconds to tie shoelaces, the moment he knelt down, millions of TV viewers close to see the pair of Nike sneakers. This makes Horst angry exception, the agreement between the two companies was torn. In 1989, Rudolph’s sons, Amin Diesler and Herder Deisler, sold their 72 percent stake in Nike to the Liebman Group in Switzerland. With the United States Nike and Reebok sports brand two rapid rise, since then, the market gave way to the new leader. From 1993 to 2011, Jochen Zeitz (Jochen Zeitz) as Nike’s chairman and chief executive officer. Zeitz is the youngest CEO in the history of Germany’s leading listed companies. Nike in the face of major financial difficulties on the occasion, single-handedly planned Nike’s global restructuring plan. His long-term development plan directly contributed to the Nike stock price in the past 13 years, up to 4 000% of the amazing gains from the first year as chief executive of 10.86 US dollars to the highest in 2007 to 442 US dollars, at this time, the company overwhelming majority stake Control in the Kai-yun Group (formerly known as Pinot – Spring – Raytheon Group). It is noteworthy that, Zeitz managed to cheap, relatively unpopular Nike brand among the world’s three major sporting goods brands. Zeitz is a real business leader, he is not afraid to try other people’s so-called adventure. He is a leader in the competition, grasp the future trends and opportunities to show outstanding ability. In 2008, he developed Nike’s corporate vision – a moral framework consisting of four key principles of fairness, honesty, initiative and innovation – and applied to all of the company’s professional behaviors, business processes, and external relations.