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In 1971, running coach Bowerman tried to develop a non-slip, lightweight and well-supported running shoes in response to the University of Oregon laying new artificial lawn. One morning, he inadvertently saw the shape of the pyramid on the waffle iron mold, put the carbamate into the baking tray, and then put the brown pimple made of the tiger running shoe sole On, looking for his students to try to run. Running for five minutes, these knots are gone, Bowerman took the shoes, said he had a lot of work to do. Then he switched to truck tire rubber, with the mold pressed into the soles, the edge is also equipped with rubber spikes to strengthen the side support, and the upper from the tiger upper replaced from the order of nylon vamps in air max essential, Boremann, who is also the founder of Bluebelt Sports, applied for a patent, calling it “Waffle Trainer,” and one of his employees had a better-known official name “Nike” Means the goddess of victory in Greek mythology. The campaign slogan was “Bowerman waffle soles, put it will not fall.” Bowerman is a different coach, in addition to love running, he is also very keen to repair and improve running shoes. Dealing with athletes all day to make it more condition based on athlete feedback to improve the running shoes. Not only that, he also added salt and sugar in the tea, to their athletes to drink, because he thinks athletes exercise, water, salt, minerals are in the outflow. Nike’s predecessor, Bluebelt Sports, was founded by coach Bill Bowerman and his Oregon long-distance runner, Phil Knight, who is a core member of several other students. They firmly believe that technical expertise can give runners to make better running shoes. Following the introduction of the first waffle training shoes, Bowerman kept improving their products, procurement Bridgestone rubber, rubber, with elastic insole, raise the heel. In 1978, Nike also introduced the technology of NASA engineers, the compressed gas filled with polyurethane airbags implanted heel, which can provide more cushioning, this shoe is called “Tailwind” (downwind). In 1987, Nike to the built-in air cushion to visual air cushion, named “Air Max”. Subsequently, Nike introduced this design to the design of basketball shoes, basketball players and basketball lovers to ease the impact of bounce on the foot. 2013 Nike in running shoes on the latest innovation is Flyknit, its material is polyester yarn, the use of digital knitting machine forming, no suture, breathable, flexible, lightweight. June 30, 2016, Knight resigned from the post of Chairman of the Board, the successor is Mark. Parker, its other identity is a footwear designer.