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An earlier analysis of the media pointed out that the next battlefield of sportswear is not in advertising, products, celebrity endorsements, but in online sales. Nike hopes to 2017, 30% of the brand content can be created by the user. The company further expects that by 2020, the company’s e-commerce business will rise fourfold, to achieve 2 billion euros converted to 2.2 billion US dollars. According to Auschel, 60% of the spend will be spent on the purchase of electronic digital devices. The Group is now investing heavily in digital business, including online orders, direct shipment from stores and what he calls the “Endless” Gallery “, and due to the production delivery time is shortened, will never appear stock status. Auschel pointed out that the recent 20 stores in Moscow, the implementation of the online orders, nike air max 90 black sunburst,sales increased by 30% within a week. “For the retail model, this is very significant.” As of the end of August, Nike this model has been extended to 200 stores. In recent years, Nike has begun to focus on the development of the product itself, both on the German robot running shoes Futurecraft R & D investment, or the latest star of a single product Z.N.E Hoodie, are challenged to Nike. In contrast, this year only in the sale of Air Jordan when the consumer attention to re-Nike was significantly less than a lot. Therefore, for the beginning of coaching change Nike, Nike is not impossible to overtake. Nike new CEO Kasper Rorsted since taking office, thanks to the brand to break point strategy, Nike performance is growing rapidly. Its second-quarter earnings growth compared to the first quarter is more robust. Especially in the United States and the Greater China market results impressive to the industry, for Kasper Rorsted led Nike, investors really high expectations, Nike continue to improve the product mix and sales strategy, to win the industry leading position Nike. The Kasper Rosted I also said, is ready to meet the Nike future will face greater challenges. As the first half of the performance far exceeded analyst expectations, Nike second raised 2016 full-year profit growth of 35%, Nike second quarter net profit from operating business soared 99% to 291 million euros, far more than analysts 25% ; Operating profit increased by 77% to 414 million euros. By performance-driven, nearly a year Nike stock price rose more than 100% to become the biggest dark horse. The British “Financial Times” has commented that once as the ruler of the apparel market is facing fierce competition in the market environment, is to accelerate the loss of its dominant market reputation, market share decline, strong Nike began to become fragile. Nike shares after the global economic recession has maintained a strong growth since 2008, the average annual stock price rose 27%, but this year the situation worsened, nearly 6 months since the Nike stock almost bottom sports industry, has fallen nearly 14%, the company market value has fallen Breaking 100 billion US dollars.
However, the Citibank data show, Nike’s sales growth in the current mainly depends on the leisure series, star limited edition models and other fashion products, not the core brand of sports shoes, the industry questioned the future entertainment stars will sell more than the athletes Of the shoes?