nike air max 90 black lime

Outside the stadium, nike air max 90 black lime has left more mark on pop culture than any other sport. Since 1972, with Bruin and Blazer into the field of basketball, Nike’s track shoes in numerous athletes, artists, designers, musicians and skateboarders between the imaginary spark. Throughout the 12 groups of shoes design, are running through a movement can not be ignored the essence, it comes from Nike’s attention to the needs of athletes spare no effort to integrate all kinds of cultural and magical power. “Space Jam” color will appear in the major shoe models, in addition to the previously introduced Air Jordan 1 Ultra High “Space Jam” color, the “Space Jam” will also come to Chris Paul’s The latest generation of signature boots Jordan CP3.X above. Jamaica “Lightning” Usain Bolt in a recent press conference, said he is about to work with the German giants Dortmund football training! This news has been exposed has attracted great attention. A few years ago, Bolt himself said that if he no longer participate in sprinting, then he will join the football team to become a football player. But it is worth mentioning that Bolt and Dortmund sponsors are PUMA, so I do not know this time only to help Bolt completed PUMA operation a small dream, or really for the introduction of a competitive Dortmund player? Let us wait and see! Following the Halloween theme series, PUMA’s popular model Blaze Of Glory has ushered in a new set of “Camping” series. As the name suggests, this series to “outdoor camping” as the color theme, the use of deep color re-interpretation of this classic retro running shoes. Both colors are carried by the signature Trinomic cushioning in the end, to ensure the wearing comfort. The next generation of signature boots Nike LeBron 14 is expected to be available on the first day of 2017, than in previous years, a lot of new shoes debut late, and James has also been to Soldier 10 as the main venue before. Nike has also added a lot of new color design, this time, Nike once again brought a new black color. Black canvas with the same color of leather shoes composed of the main body of the body, supplemented by white and black color lace and black outsole, the whole revealed a hint of “high street” atmosphere.