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China is getting cold and the world is getting hot. ZARA, UNIQLO and other fast fashion brands into China, with a rapid response to the supply chain and cost-effective to tempt consumers, while maintaining the movement and innovation of Nike, how to stimulate the Chinese people’s movement “potential”? Beginning in March this year, Nike in Beijing Sanlitun Village core area of ​​the street shop was decorated fence wrapped, this was originally set running, basketball, AIRJORDAN (Nike sub-brand), NIKEID (custom service) in one of the outlets, in Recently re-opened after the big air max pegasus, From a not easy to find the small door upstairs, only to find the original two-storey storefront has been reduced to the second floor of a franchise running category products. Nike does not deny the closure of shops and alterations have to consider reducing costs, but Nike Greater China, senior communications director Huang Xiangyan in an interview with reporters,cheap air max philippines, so the interpretation of Nike’s approach: “Retail store evaluation system in the future can not alone The size of the standard, and we want to consider from another word – refined and we hope that the future will be the depth and refinement of the special campaign.We did encounter some challenges in China, the need for business model adjustments, which should be seen To do a long battle in a part of. “Nike’s earnings report in 2013, the Greater China revenue fell 5% of the figure, in North America, 18% revenue growth against the background, it looks so garish. Subsequently, Nike CEO Mark. Parker in June 27 in North America, a meeting, said: “China and North America is still Nike in the world’s largest two markets, first talk about China … … recovery takes time and patience, we are a marathon, rather than sprint “ZARA, Uniqlo and other fast fashion brands into China, with a rapid response to the supply chain and cost-effective to tempt consumers. David Homes, a 26-year-old student of the Texas A & M University’s Department of Computer Science, has twice-weekly gymnastics, basketball, jogging and cycling, while surfing on the beach. DavidHomes for each campaign will select the appropriate targeted brands, such as running, basketball, Nike and Adidas, the main choice, cross-country bike will wear Jcrew boots (a North American fashion brand). DavidHomes said his favorite is Nike: “I value the brand and technology, especially the star through the equipment.” 26-year-old Zhang Hao is a foreign employee, he is more willing to fitness, exercise time to learn to charge And social networking, as well as holiday travel. However, Zhang Hao, or for their own pair of Nike’s latest running shoes: “sports do not delay walking, sometimes playing badminton is enough.” Zhang Hao said, “a child no clothes choice, if there is a Nike, most reluctant to use sports Is to wear when the fashion clothes, and now certainly not the case. “DavidHomes and Zhang Hao, North America and China is a microcosm of the consumer market. Beijing Key Road, the founder of sports consulting firm Zhang Qing this interpretation is that in the United States, sports and even professional sports from small consumers began to penetrate into their daily lives, forming a highly sophisticated, stable, segmented movement market. “I went to the United States often surprised, 60-year-old woman wearing a shark skin swimsuit swimming, football fans with the team’s equipment to arm themselves to sit on the TV watching the game on the home.” But in the Chinese market, all sporting goods brand Are experiencing a turning point: the era of the dividend gradually subsided, the new gold mine is also buried underground. In the past 15 years, sporting goods in the Chinese clothing consumer market is still immature when playing a set of sports, leisure, fashion and even quasi-luxury role, but ZARA, UNIQLO these fast fashion brand into China, With the rapid response of the supply chain and cost-effective to tempt consumers, especially after 90 consumers “defection.” As Nike’s store in Beijing Wangfujing give way to H & M, nine tree stores to give in UNIQLO. But the spread of sports culture and maturity has not dissipated so fast dividends. To China’s sports league development, for example, is still not a business-oriented, fully professional, highly commercialized event management system. The players pay more attention to the income from the sponsor, rather than from the consumer’s income, naturally no way to cultivate a broader fan of consumer culture. This is the sporting goods market in China and the “general trend” is different: in the automotive, smart phones and other industries, foreign companies have announced that China is its most important first big market. But for Nike, China is only the second largest market, and the North American market and the disparity: 2013 fiscal year, Nike Greater China revenue of 2.45 billion US dollars, North America’s revenue reached 10.38 billion US dollars. If the clock back in March 2009, Nike third quarter fiscal year 2009 sales of 4.4 billion US dollars in the quarter, down 2%, but the Asia-Pacific region grew 8% to $ 806 million. At this time Nike carried out the organizational structure adjustment, including the revocation of the Asia-Pacific region, the Chinese independent, directly responsible for the headquarters; and the United States and the Americas merged into North America. Four years, the financial crisis, the North American market rebounded strongly, while the dividend of the Chinese market has declined performance.