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Nike Women (Nike Women) will be January 12 listing of the spring Nike Zonal Strength running tights launched an ad, as the film creative director and starring is not a track and field athletes, but from the United Kingdom creation Singer, dancer, producer FKA Twigs. FKA Twigs won the 2015 All-British Music Award for best female singer nomination, cheap air max runners,the strong personal style, the same because of its out of shape to become the icon of fashion circles fans.
FKA Twigs made the advertisement of the tights into a MV, the new song “Trust In Me” is the background music of the advertisement. “What do you believe in more?”, The advertisement slogan “Do you believe in more? In addition, her work also includes the appearance of advertising for the appearance of “athletes.” Among the 12 players in the campaign are dancers Saskia Horton, karate world champion Jay Kirton, yoga instructor Paleta CalmQuality, fencing player Miles Chamley-Watson, etc., who were either FKA Twigs past collaborators or Nike-supplied candidates , And even Miles, who had been following her Instagram five months ago, relied on “I started to follow his Instagram and saw how he worked hard” and eventually decided to invite him to take the ad. Nike obviously wants to expand the understanding of “athlete” definition through FKA Twigs. FKA Twigs in an open letter, said: “People usually do not see the dancers as athletes, but in our hearts it is the same … Through the dance, I know a lot of very hard young people … … In my opinion, They represent the “modern movement”, that is, to break the boundaries, to explore all sports. “Nike has been only in cooperation with athletes claiming that such a breakthrough can be said to be an edge ball attempt. In fact, the past two years, Nike has been with many (with the characteristics of sports) artists, let them speak their own clothing. Including in November last year they invited the model Bella Hadid shooting ads, recently appeared in the Nike ads are comedian Kevin Hart and singer Ellie Goulding, as the United States is now one of the most popular rapper Drake, Jordan brand is already the spokesman . In the sports market and fashion trends increasingly blurred today, this approach is the sports brand Nike in order to improve the influence of young people, enhance performance and had to put down the burden. Nike Women to launch such a more fashionable marketing activities is also a relatively appropriate choice, according to the 2016 fiscal year earnings, the current women’s sports in Nike’s total revenue accounted for only about 23%, there is still much room for improvement. Matt Powell, a sports industry analyst with market research firm NPD Groups, noted in his recent 2017 forecast for the sports market that “from a demographic point of view, I hope the sport industry will finally be able to figure out how women’s sports Business, “he said, the current women’s sports market is still very” poor service “, which makes many of the secrets such as Victoria, Amazon and other industries outside the brand eroded the market share.