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Nike shoes, today’s handsome Meng pig to share the famous NIKE AIR classic series of air force on the 1st board shoes true and false identification method, this shoe can be called Nike shoes in the absolute classic, more expensive, imitation goods is endless , A large number of high imitation version of the Nike Air Force on the 1st board shoes with a high degree of realistic materials and workmanship, enough to fake, Taobao shop on the genuine price, the sale is this high imitation shoes, deep trap. Well, to remind you to identify, the following is about the true and false NIKE AIR Air Force on the 1st board of shoes identification comparison diagram: fake version: the use of low-quality leather market, easy aging, cheap air max shoes online,color, poor gloss, shoe line is not professional, easy to deformation.
True Air Force sports shoes combined with high quality upper, more smooth models and more refined details of the treatment, the upper cover layer for the feet to bring more powerful support and durability, ventilation design to enhance the overall warfare Boots internal air circulation, helping to keep the feet dry and comfortable at all times. Classic Nike Air cushion is still shining, as you bring beyond the imagination of light cushioning and buffer protection. Fake version: the use of two low-grade PU leather, sewing joints at work rough, easy to easily off the line, the tongue is not thick hard to wear comfort, lOGO is not clear.
True version: the use of the first layer of leather skin, work and cloth within the cloth and sewn details of the details of the handle, tongue and counter the same, is two pieces of leather stitching. It is not a common practice for a leather car on two lines. So that the bare feet will not be worn by the tongue uncomfortable (because the upper part of the stitching is slightly upturned) This is the real quality of the production process. Tongue and the back of the NIKE electric embroidery logo full of thick, fine workmanship, very on the grade.