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In March, the United States, “Fast Company” magazine named 50 list of 50 innovative companies, veteran sports giant Nike beat Amazon, Google, Apple, Pinterset and other thriving old and new technology companies, got the top spot. While Nike was able to win the top spot on the reason that Nike did not synchronize the sale in China to bring the 2012 two technical innovations – the new vamp technology Flyknit and the sporting digital product Nike Fuelband wristband. Fuelband is a very important step in the digital line of Nike. For Nike, this product completed the company’s own positioning of a subversion. In 2006, Nike and Apple launched the Nike + iPod. But the theme of this cooperation is not the movement of digital, but with the iPod’s gimmick, to promote running shoes sales. Fuelband is a product that is completely independent of sports shoes and sportswear. He does not need to bind with the shoes and apparel, which is completely different with the Nike + iPod innovation. This means that digital products will become Nike’s new business components. The biggest effect: to help sports shoes weight loss, for the foot to provide a better package,
Innovation: Flyknit’s new technology allows designers to write their own design program into the computer program, and then the machine will automatically use the car out of the shoe type.
Dare to innovate and successfully innovate more in the entrepreneurial company. While the old companies are often too much because of scruples do not dare to have a big move. Nike revolutionary innovation courage and determination, making him in the face of numerous setbacks did not choose to give up, but up and down insisted, this has this subversive victory.