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15 years ago, when the second retired after the MICHAEL JORDAN become “president”, AIR JORDAN XVI RETRO was born, patent leather toe, stylish and elegant, when the sense of movement and gentleman wind meet, gorgeous and yet low-key, and the shoes themselves The interpretation of the exception without exception, inspired countless blood fans. People on this pair of shoes relish, from its legend is still vivid. AIR JORDAN XVI RETRO with unprecedented shoe cover shape, complete the freedom to switch the nature, so that everyone can highlight its unique side, the field of blood, field still. In China, at this Manba stadium,cheap air max england, countless fans have shouted his name, he is like a master, honed to come to the young man, his story inspired all the Manba believers. Kobe Bryant, this is a no need to define the name. KobE XI will Bryant’s story to his right, every detail will wake up Manba believers mind deep memory, even if the legend has bid farewell to the stadium, but the spirit of Manba will eventually continue. In 1997, JORDAN first entered the Chinese mainland, looking back, the blood is still surging. Flashing for the love of this margin of time, AIR JORDAN CNY PACK will be the perfect combination of natural properties and modern technology, into the traditional Chinese cultural elements – bamboo, bold, lead the change. Perseverance unyielding, elegant indifferent, which is contained in the natural philosophy of bamboo, it is JORDAN XXXI to explain the concept of the stadium. Will Flyweave weaving technology with leather uppers, black and white intersection tribute classic: FlightSpeed ​​and full palm Zoom Air cushion, perfect to enhance the sense of paste and feedback. With modern technology and traditional technology crash out of the heart of the anti-gravity device. Twenty years ago, AIR JORDAN XII officially met with Chinese mainland fans, people seem to see that year with a high fever in the finals of the fifth field scored 38 points MICHAEL JORDAN, two years later, AIR JORDAN XII tongue “Er Shu” words, reflecting the 12 generation and on behalf of 20 years, so that people review the classic: the shoe body symbolizes the traditional Chinese bamboo weaving lines, then show the world the kind of elegant and calm.