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According to the statement of Nike Business (China) Co., Ltd., from today (3 days), including 90 days, the issue of Nike air cushion shoes products and give three times the amount of compensation. The uproar of the Nike airtight door event finally settled, well-known brand repeatedly on the black list who sounded the alarm? CCTV CCTV 315 party this year, Nike became the target of the public – in the Nike Chinese official website, a classic basketball shoes allegedly have Nike patent ZOOMAIR cushion.air max black grey, But it was confirmed that there is no so-called air cushion. It is understood that this shoe sold a total of more than 300 pairs of shoes After a variety of wrangling, Nike finally relieved, published on the microblogging, for the purchase of the shoes have been purchased, the goods at the same time a one-time full refund and provide RMB 4,500 yuan, equivalent to three times the original price. Nike official customer service today, told reporters: This issue is responsible for the relevant personnel, if you really have such a situation, if your item is really you see online Hyperdunk 2008 men’s basketball shoes, to help you after registration, Follow-up will be someone to help you deal with. But if it is not the item number, there is no three times the compensation situation. In April 2016, Nike Basketball official microblogging released a message, NBA star Kobe Bryant 2008 Beijing won when wearing a pair of Hyperdunk 2008 basketball shoes engraved version will be limited to sale, Nanjing, Mr. Long became the Sales lucky in the signers to 1499 yuan per pair of the price to grab the two pairs of shoes. However, since then, the relevant law enforcement agencies stationed in the Nike headquarters in the beginning of the investigation, Nike has issued a number of versions of the statement, the details of the compensation before and after several changes, but never let go, CCTV 315 will reflect the situation, but only Product “error description”, there is no quality problems. “We have some misrepresentations, or more serious mistakes.” According to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act: the operator in the provision of goods or services, there are fraud, should be in accordance with the consumption To increase the amount of compensation for the loss of the price of the purchase of the goods or the cost of receiving the service three times. Today, Nike, although bow, but whether it is Nike in charge of the face of the crisis in the face of “the wind messy”, or after dealing with the problem of shirking responsibility is a lot of people on the credibility of the discount.
“False propaganda” issue for Nike is not the first time. In 2011, Nike sales in China, “Hyperdunk 2011” basketball shoes because the forefoot than the United States with the lack of air cushion by the consumer to report, and ultimately to pay $ 4.87 million ticket to wear Nike as a front-line sports brand in many Consumers have an irreplaceable position, their products, whether it is advertising or creative Ye Hao are first class, like the issue of air cushion shoes, the initial publicity is “tribute classic”, but if the mind only in the Marketing, rather than “product”, or when there is a problem, blindly know only to evade responsibility, then, eventually can only lift the stone smashed his feet, tribute I am afraid not classic, can only have the trust.