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Half a year before the opening whistle at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, whether it is Adidas Road running the official sponsor or the Nike Magic with a good hand, or other brands in the two giants Stand out from encirclement? 2018 Russia World Cup marketing, performance of the sports brand worth the wait. With the result of the World Cup draw the dust settles, the crazy football event that hundreds of millions of people is really not far from the return. The major sports goods company,nike air max 2018 , has long been eager, hoping by the wave of the World Cup, make a real fortune. We may wish to leave the game there are six months time node, finishing a 2018 World Cup sports brand marketing perspective, presented an appetizer for this gluttonous feast. World Cup grouping has been set, but also a few happy few unhappy. As we all know, football products, the most profitable products business, is sponsored by the team jersey. The measure of the success of each major event marketing standards, of course, fell to the first brand sponsored by the number of teams above. 2018 Russia World Cup, with its stable play of veteran players from all continents, Adidas finally reclaimed the title of the World Cup sponsor of the king, with a team of 12 smug. You know, the 2014 Brazil World Cup sponsored the number of teams Aid 9:10 Nike, once lost the throne of the sponsor number one. Among these Adidas sponsorship teams, in addition to thank the first star Messi led Argentina in the South American qualifier last-defensive landing ashore, the wonderful performance of some fresh forces are also gratifying; Ibrahimovic exit the national team after the transfiguration Youth of Sweden, actually in the playoffs in Europe to kill the veteran team Italy, abruptly squeezed into the World Cup finals; North Africa, Egypt and Morocco are after a lapse of many years from the African region qualifier finally broke the success of the German brand sponsorship team Add strength to the camp. It is also worth mentioning that Tunisia, another North African team currently sponsored by the German niche brand Uhlsports, may also move forward to a former Adidas account before the World Cup and continue to expand the number of brand sponsorship teams . Straightly known as the “football first brand” of the three stripes company, this is indeed proud of emboldened. In a recent interview with The Rhine Post, Adi CEO Kasper Rorsted said Adidas is now a worldwide leader and he expects the Russian World Cup to boost the sales of jerseys from Adidas. Kaspar – Rosethorde also said that too much focus should not be placed on Nike, but should first focus on their own business, concerned about how to enhance service and enhance brand value.