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“The World Cup is the toughest race on the planet and it’s not easy,” a middle-aged man named Ronaldo narrowed his eyes and said faintly. He used to be a footballer, but his figure is double that time. But his iconic incisors told us that he is the former king of the pitch, the superstar. Between the words, the past reminding us of scenes yesterday, Brazil and the “fat Luo”,cheap air max 95 beige, the 1998 World Cup triumph but the final accidental halt, in 2002 all the way stumbling won the final thriller. For any one player, the World Cup has always been of extraordinary significance, but for sports giants such as Nike, the same as a battle – 2018, the Russian World Cup years, this is a major battle throughout the year. February 7, 2018, Nike held a football in New England launch of the conference, Neymar led, star Ronaldo, 90 star Azar, China’s U23 hope star Wei Shihao, appear together. This year’s football World Cup opening event may be the American brand this year, one of the world’s most important activities. Nike Mercurial assassin series of new football shoes Mercurial Superfly 360 and Mercurial Vapor 360 release, these two pairs of shoes will be the most important American brand this year, innovative products, representing the highest Nike in football technology and design standards. With the appearance of the series of new Leggings, goalkeeper gloves, Merlin series of football, and the 2018 World Cup England, Nigerian team and other Nike equipment.
For Nike, who always excels in storytelling, how to tell the story of the 2018 World Cup around these products is a top priority in deciding whether a U.S. company can achieve a breakthrough in football segmentation and then boost its overall performance.
Nike’s assassin series of football shoes has entered the 20th year, Nike from 1971 to join the field of football, the 20-year period considered the rapid development of football segments stage. Twenty years ago in 1998, the French World Cup years, the first assassin series of shoes, upper use KNG-100 material, leather performance, unlike the leather easy to absorb water, the use of blue and yellow color, tailored to Ronaldo At that time, the inspiration for the design was Brazil’s terrible speed on the pitch. Ronaldo is the first assassin series wearer, and the assassin series also scored the first goal from him: June 16, 1998, Ronaldo in Nantes, France World Cup Brazil against Morocco, scored one Remember volley, the first record for this 3-0 game. That year’s World Cup, Ronaldo is the biggest player in the world, defending champion Brazil is the absolute number one hot, triumph all the way until the final. However, the story ends up fantasy – even 20 years later, the night before the World Cup finals, Ronaldo and Brazil lost the truth is still confusing … … 20 years later, Nike tells the legendary series of ways fair enough : “The legend is made instantly through one of these moments more important, more fantastic, the story will be more legendary.” For Ronaldo and Brazil, Nike, the important thing is, four years after the World Cup in Japan and Korea , They were disgraced in 1998 0-3 final defeat, “five-star Brazil” achievement reached. Over the past 20 years, the Assassin series is Nike in the field of football the highest level of product, the iterative update is to assess the level of technical research and development of Nike. The second generation of lighter weight in 2000, the third generation of sports car technology in 2002 in order to achieve better ground fit, and lay the foundation stone for the 2003 assassin series of women’s soccer shoes. The assassin series started in 2008 is a new generation every year until 2014, and has resumed its two-generation update rhythm, 2016 NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V goal is to stimulate the maximum speed potential.