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Nike ACG is Nike (Nike) ‘s professional outdoor product line, Nike ACG series English name All Conditions Gear (all-weather equipment). Nike ACG whole series can be characterized on the basis of the intensity of the weather conditions and the movement to wear off layer by layer using the “onion-style” dress air max 2015, Nike ACG series on the inside of the collar with the number “1,2,3” Flag wearing order and according to use habit, the first “Chinese” clothing label use function, eliminating the use of conventional complicated instructions, can be very easy to understand on clothing various parts of the features, such as marking the keys will be placed zipper pocket pattern key, marked as glasses pattern can be placed glasses. Nike ACG outdoor shoes except with special emphasis on the soles of the wear resistance and grip in order to cope with the terrain changes, but also stressed that lightweight shoes so as not to burden the foot.

Nike ACG more special PU coating shoe design, with water repellent features, sufficient to meet the outdoor sports rainy climate change. Adidas and Nike dispute “eat crab” to open stores in the women’s movement in general stores, about seven or eight percent of consumers are men, women are often the types of products and styles only 30% to 35% of the total. The best understanding of the Chinese market, might not Chinese, but foreigners. December 1, Adidas announced the end of December will open two stores in Chengdu, the woman, in October this year,air max 90 outlet, Adidas has opened its first store in Beijing woman. “Eat crab” than Adidas. November 29, China’s first, world’s second woman to experience Nike store opening in Shanghai Central Trade iAPM. Woman opened stores, it looks fantastic, in fact, only those who will have such a wily shot. Women’s needs are ignored in the past few years, the domestic sporting goods market was devastated, including the local brands, including Li Ning, one thousand more than the number of closed shop, product oversupply, high inventories, sporting goods company performance night returned a few years ago.

Independent market observers Magang on the “First Financial Daily” reporters that excess Chinese sporting goods market, the truth is structural overcapacity, oversupply male sporting goods. air max black,Traditional stores in male and female same-store product displays, sports stores in general, there are about seven or eight percent of consumers are men, women are often the types of products and styles only 30% to 35% of the total. Male consumer demand largely been met, but a lot of women consumers demand is ignored.