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For many years, Nike has always been one of Amazon’s opposition forces, determined not to provide their sportswear and sports shoes and other products. Their reason is: our products so cool, we do not need your help. However, recently, things have changed, not long ago, perennial refused to Amazon’s Nike hit his face. Behind this decision, the balance of power between the brand and the Amazon changes, for decades, large consumer brands have mastered the price of retailers and products. And so many years,air max 90 breathe black, Amazon has not been out of these big names. However, the recent emergence of a large number of well-known brands on the Internet third-party sellers, such as Nike, Chanel, The North Face, Patagonia, Urban Decay and other brands of products are on the Amazon. These unlicensed sales have had a negative impact on the control of pricing and product distribution, although Nike has never sent its own products directly or through wholesalers to Amazon, but according to Morgan Stanley, Nike is on Amazon Product volume of the highest brand. Recently, a survey shows that Nike has 73,000 products in Amazon. Today, online third-party sellers are numerous, they can legally sell at any price they legally get the product, and business to their helpless. Nike recently adopted the strategy is: the Amazon as a distributor, in order to expel a large number of third-party sellers. Nike finally agreed to sell the product directly to Amazon, in order to exchange the fake and unauthorized sales of more stringent control and suppression. Amazon in June issued to the seller from July 13 onwards, sports shoes, clothing and other parts of Nike products will be prohibited to sell. Nike and Amazon declined to comment. With the reduction of physical stores and shopping to the network, Amazon in the retail market, the dominant force gradually strong, even the most well-known brands can not ignore it. According to some lawyers and consultants, many companies look down on Amazon’s website design. They think that Amazon is a selling site, where can not shape the brand.