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Every time we launch a new air max 90 shoes, we all look better, not just different. Probably in 98 years, when they feel this is the pinnacle, the result was out of control since then, generation after generation. Of course, to continue research and development as well as a new generation of nike shoes, we feel very proud. Because, Mercurial, not only for Nike, but for the entire world of football, have a profound impact. “Do you think if there is no R9, Mercurial Mercurial it can be today?” In the past, he needs to be able to keep up his pace a nike shoes, for that matter in 1998 he was not, in fact, back in 1996, it presents us with a very high demand. Speed-type players continue to progress, I remember the large Luo in the field has a special gas field, which is today owned by the C Lo. Today, not only has the speed acceleration, as well as to get rid of opponents by an emergency stop, the ability to create their own space. This is why we need to constantly upgrade and innovation to adapt to a whole new realm of performance of the players. “C Lo become after large Luo Mercurial first card players, is it meant to do?