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Easter 2014 Nike basketball series will be held on April 18, designated official Nike retail stores and online store in the Greater China region sale. Hou Hao, general manager of Nike Golf Greater China market strategy unchanged special leave Beijing March 25 news, market brand Nike Golf Department staff confirmed, general manager of Greater China Nike Golf (Nike Golf) Hou Hao special (Scott Hull ) was officially leave on March 20, but his departure for the Nike Golf brand marketing strategy in China and there is no impact,air max 90 run small, Nike Golf Greater no other management changes.

Nike executives Hou Hao special resignation triggered the industry for large-scale golf equipment company in China market rumors ran aground. Faced with rumors of poor sales Nike Golf 2013 questioned in the Chinese market, the staff member said because Nike is a listed company, earnings unified issued by the US company, temporarily unable to provide details of the Nike 2013 sales in Greater China. But the staff also said that Nike Golf has always been a very valued China market, determination and perseverance to achieve a good performance here. “This year, Nike Golf will have more new product launches, the Chinese market will also be updated. This is regarded as one of Nike Golf’s commitment to the China market.”