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Recently, the Beijing Municipal Association of consumers released the tight-fitting sportswear comparison test results show that tight-fitting sportswear moisture absorption speed, half of the samples and meet the national standard requirements, many of them Adidas, Puma, Mizuno, air max 95 sell report, and other famous brands. In addition, through experiments, the founding members of Beijing Consumers Association have found that most of the samples that claim to be “supporting muscles, protecting muscles, supporting bones, and gradient compression” have no significant protective effect and are more effective in shaping and aesthetics. In recent years, with the rise of walking, running and other sports, tight-fitting sportswear has become the first choice for many sports fans. However, Beijing Consumer Association said that there is no uniform norms and standards for this class, consumers do not know whether this type of clothing itself has the brand promotion performance. In order to understand the real quality condition of the sportswear products, Beijing Consumer Association conducted some comparative tests on some sportswear products.

The comparative test sample by the Consumers Association of Beijing City, the staff as an ordinary consumer identity from Tmall, Jingdong Mall, Amazon, Suning Tesco, Dangdang, Shop No. 1, Vipshop and other e-commerce platform and some stores to buy , Involving 33 brands of 81 samples, the purchase price from 69.8 yuan to 1020.42 yuan. Comparison of test samples commissioned a record (Beijing) Testing Technology Services Co., Ltd. based on a number of national standards for testing textiles.

Tested in 81 tight-knit sportswear samples, 22 samples of product markings flaw; 8 samples of fiber content measured and express discrepancies; 59 samples claimed to have hygroscopicity, quick-drying or hygroscopic quick-drying function, measured 40 models Meet the relevant standards; most of the samples on the human body’s protective effect is not obvious, only play a role in body sculpting, aesthetics.

City Consumers Association said that the 81 samples of this comparative test, 59 samples on the page publicity or tag publicity on the express hygroscopicity, quick-drying or moisture quick-drying function. After testing, 40 samples did not meet the standard requirements, accounting for 68% of the number of samples of the display function, accounting for 49% of the total sample size. In addition, although 5 samples were not clearly labeled as “Hygroscopic, Quick-drying”, similar functional descriptions such as “Ventilation, Rapid Sweating, Quick Drying and Dryness” were marked on the webpage, of which 3 did not meet the standard In the provision of indicators. There are no standard samples, there are many Adidas, Nike, Puma, Mizuno and other famous sports brands, there are H & M, UNIQLO and other fast fashion brands, and Zamst, McDavid, LP, SKINS and other sports equipment brand. Among them, the Australian brand SKINS “A400 fast dry running compression pants women sports fitness elastic leggings” price is as high as 1020.42 yuan, but its quick-drying still does not meet the national standard.