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In the traditional concept, long running shoes need to be in the light at the same time close to the ground. However, in order to achieve this concept also need to make some compromise. For example, in the case of limited cushioning performance, running shoes should be how to maximize the energy rebound? Vaporfly Elite boots, for each step forward to provide the most powerful driving force. This concept of running shoes tailored for each elite athletes, to achieve Breaking2 this bold attempt to go through a series of rigorous inquiry, and a new paradigm shift, although “less is more” is the mainstream concept of the past , But the “more the better” approach is likely to dominate the future running shoes style. “Morphology must be based on function, and we apply aerodynamics knowledge to a symbolic aesthetics that represents speed,” said Stefan Guest, senior design director for Nike Discovery Research Team Running Innovation. So subversive design to follow the principles of the various parts of the function, to avoid the overlap of functions, this running shoes for decades of professional running shoes commonly used materials, but with a new way,air max black pink leopard, more purpose of its complete re-integration.
Traditional running shoes (flat shoes) section is relatively smooth, and Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite’s progressive Nike ZoomX in the end, forefoot height has reached a unique 21 mm, while compared with the traditional foam is more light, soft and more flexible. Unique midsole design aims to provide athletes with a higher energy return, and both excellent cushioning performance, Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite athletes will be the physiological characteristics of biomechanical analysis and cutting-edge engineering together.