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May 6, 1954, Roger Bannister to 3 minutes 59.4 seconds of the results, became the first successful in 4 minutes to finish a mile of people. His success not only broke the limits of human physical performance, but also to some extent inspired other athletes. Before that, the speed of 4 minutes / mile was considered to be a breakthrough, but in Bannister’s record-breaking year there were 37 athletes who broke the “4-minute” bottleneck. 63 years after the same day, Nike got three excellent sports and a large number of scientists, of course, ultimately, for each athlete made to help athletes in 2 hours to complete the horse’s shoes Zoom Vaporfly Elite, air max premium outlet,In the Monza, Italy Formula One racing track challenge in 2 hours to complete the whole marathon, which was reported to the prestigious Rio Olympic marathon champion Eliud Kipchoge (Eliud Kipchoge) to 2 hours and 25 seconds Results finished the game. Although the break from the 2-hour mark worse 25, but the current marathon world record 2 hours and 2 minutes 57 seconds compared to or improve a full 2 ​​minutes, the highest marathon record. Even so, because the rules and conditions of this competition does not meet the requirements of the formal competition, Kiplorg’s performance will not be included in the world record, but this does not weaken its importance. And Nike this brand, and the human movement between the limits of the relationship, once again tightly strengthened. Perhaps many people will be curious, why should we 2 hours as a challenge to the goal. Is it simply to make an integer? In fact, this goal is to have a certain basis for research. In a paper published in 1991, performance physiologist Mike Joyner measured theoretically that mankind completed a 26.2-mile marathon for as long as one hour, 57 minutes and 58 seconds. So far, the human marathon record has been more than 2 hours. When informed of the human physical theory of the potential, 2 hours has become the current breakthrough goal.