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Nike replies the reporter said: “Chinese women to fitness and sports as a social activity, they enjoy school, or go to the gym with friends not only that, they usually exercise and sports will become part of the large social networking. They may be together for coffee in yoga class,cheap air max 90, we might eat brunch together after fitness. Therefore, women consumers are looking for those who not only maximize athletic performance but also in other social activities dressed in fitness products and apparel . “Nike’s women’s experiences in Shanghai shop offers digital community service, in-store interactive digital screen provides counseling and New exclusive services, but also inquire into the monthly activity schedule, Nike + RunClub and Nike + TrainingClub course information, in-store elite coach introduction and running routes nearby and recommend. Local brands can learn what similar Nike, Adidas thinking Chinese bosses have, but not sporting goods circle.

Lee Lang, CEO of Xing Liang (microblogging) on ​​the reporter said that clothing in the future should be a part of life, and the future of clothing, in addition to clothing,air max uk, there should be coffee, ceramics, lamps, vases, various artwork, consumers can take into the store to experience and enjoy the day, Lee Lang has plans to open this image model shop in the country. The original retail stores and can do as a social platform, which is almost deafening for local sports brands.

Over the past few years, almost all of the local sports brand, air max sale,”CCTV advertising + orders’ wholesale business model, the same business model, similar products, the industry fell across the board. Adidas has opened three stores are self-made woman Adidas, Zhang expressed this model can not be everywhere, local brands do not have the strength to follow.