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According to foreign media reports, Nike plant using a new shoe-making robot, you can reach the artificial speed of 20 times. Assemble a pair of Nike shoes, the most labor-intensive part of the assembly is the “tongue”, that is, very flexible foot around the air max 95 black green, Many of the shoes of the shoes look like a piece of material is not obvious stitching, but they can actually be stacked by 40 pieces of materials, heating fusion. Although the robot can handle most of the shoe-making process, but this process is too complicated, so still by the human responsible. However, Nike four years ago to invest in a company called Grabit start-up company developed a shoe-making robot, the use of electric adsorption to help the machine with a new method of manipulating objects. Although its name is “Grab it” (to seize it), but the company’s robot innovation is not to imitate the human grasping action based. They applied the electrode plates, which, when properly charged, were able to produce an electric field that could almost be attached to any surface. Grabit CEO Miller said that this structure allows Grabit to do what the robot company can not do. A worker takes 10 to 20 minutes to route all the material of a tongue, and a Grabit robot takes only 50 to 75 seconds. If you press a shift of 8 hours, a staff operation of a robot in a shift can create 300 to 600 pairs of shoes. Over the past month, Grabit has begun to provide several sets of equipment for manufacturing Nike shoes that can reach 20 times the man-made speed. By the end of 2017, there will be more than ten units equipped with China and Mexico. Foreign media said that this may become Nike to change the footwear industry’s economic pattern of a breakthrough attempt, and then make the manufacturing industry closer to the United States and Europe, a huge consumer market. According to Nike data released, the company currently has 591 factories in the world, more than 1 million workers manufacturing Nike shoes.