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In order to maintain the company’s freshness and against aggressive competitors, the US sports giant Nike announced a series of high-level personnel changes. Earlier in the competitive landscape, Nike admitted to hiring Dave Dombrow, senior vice president of design for Under Armor’s competitor, and was officially in 2017. Has 19 years of experience in senior management Phil McCartney was appointed vice president and general manager of Nike shoes, June 1 officially took office. Tom Peddie, vice president and general manager for Emerging Markets, will become vice president and general manager of North America’s integrated market and will take over on July 1. Ann Hebert was appointed vice president and general manager of Emerging Markets, and took office on July 1. Christophe Merkel transferred from the general manager of Nike Turkey market, was appointed vice president and general manager of Nike’s Japanese market, July 1 officially took air max 95 black mono grey, Jim Reynolds transferred from Nike Japan market, was appointed general manager of professional sports department, took office in June. Last year, Nike recorded a total revenue of $ 30.6 billion, remains a strong competitor in the sports arena, the company aims to 2020, annual turnover reached 50 billion US dollars. Sports brand competition is also a direct competition for talent, in order to allow long-term service in the company’s CEOMarkParker can continue to stay in the next 5 years, Nike gave Mark Parker 10 times more than in previous years to encourage the stock. However, some analysts said that Nike must maintain the company’s freshness, because many other fashion brands are beginning to compete for the share of sports apparel. Sportswear giant Nike announced its third-quarter report, the data show that the company’s third-quarter revenue below expectations, as of February 29, the first three months of income rose 8 percent to 80.3 billion US dollars, the end of Nike for 14 consecutive quarters of income Than-expected momentum. Some analysts said that Nike’s performance over the past decade is so good, a large part of the industry due to the lack of substantial competition. In other words, Nike has no real opponents. However, the situation is changing.