Recast speed brilliant Nike releases air max 90

In order to create more excellent braking function for air max 90, Nike tests different grip patterns spikes includes wedge nail and doll nail. This is the first time for Nike to use Finite Element Analisis technique, this test is a test which provides scientific data to support that which sole is the most suitable for speed-type player . Test data obtained conclusions further examination by top Nike athletes on the field, so as to ensure its accuracy. “Based on data designed soles when accelerating like claws general,” Lee said, “but the soles need to be able to quickly brake booster is the same as the spike shape a new generation of Mercurial soccer shoes, but were moving in different directions. They or perpendicular to the heel brake assist, or at an angle to the front foot to provide impetus. in the past we have been blank forefoot portion increased grip design, which will bring the athletes significantly different experience. “Mercurial soccer shoes most representative player Cristiano Ronaldo commented on the new generation of soles and grip design: “It’s like my qualities,” Ronaldo said. “I am a straightforward, very aggressive strong striker. such a spike shape reminds me of my own personality, they are on the pitch but also has a very good performance. “