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The most eye-catching addition to parade rehearsals, presumably will number track and field world championships men’s 100 meters final. Yesterday in the Bird’s Nest stadium men’s 100 meters finals of the competitive level is quite high, including Bolt, Gatlin, Guy and other players full debut, and participate in the final nine players in the semi-finals ran into the 10 seconds , Also created history. The Chinese athletes Su Bing Tian’s outstanding performance, but also for the World Championships provides a new hot topic. A wide variety of track and field world championships, each project also have their own characteristics and Aspect, but the most eye-catching or men 100 meters – the speed limit of the project represents the air max griffeys free shipping, Although the introduction, preparation, competition and cheering only a short ten minutes, while the game itself is less than ten seconds, but that is less than ten seconds less than the time, it is the witness of the limits of human self , Its meaning more than the game itself. And many have a game nature of the project is different from the man represents 100 meters of human possibilities. Since Jesse Owens, a hundred meters flying people to refresh people on the “human race in the end how fast” the problem of awareness. American Heinz 1968 ran 9 seconds 95, is the first time since the electronic time to break 10 seconds of the athletes. 15 years later, the US player Calvin – Smith in 1983, ran 9 seconds 93 results to become the first person in history. Since the new century, Jamaicans thunder pressure over the United States, in the human speed record again and again to refresh the transcripts. Jamaican Colin Powell, who ran the 7th runner-up in the World Championship 100 meters in yesterday’s world championships, took 9 seconds 77 and 9 seconds 74 results in 2005 and 2007, respectively, and won the world record from the Americans. After that, it is the era of Lightning Bolt. In 2008 the big leg in New York to 9 seconds to break the 72 teammates to keep the world record, and the Beijing Olympic Games even if the last ten meters of the case was significantly relaxed, but also to 9 seconds 69 results in history. When people are still wondering how fast he can run in the end, a year after the World Championships, he was 9 seconds 58 results to make the world amazing. The exploration of one’s own limits is so shocking and exciting that it is entirely based on the emotional connection of human being as a living being and does not contain too many utilitarian factors. To some extent, NASA reported a while back “second planet” caused such a big stir is out of this original exploration and the pursuit of motivation, imagine the US government is willing to invest every year to NASA huge amounts of money to explore the human life are To the place, then why not human curiosity caused by the instinct of the drive? Similarly, the continuous exploration of the limits of the man has a hundred meters more than the game is more noble and far-reaching implications. Therefore, when the top of the masters gathered together, people’s eyes are not consciously attracted; therefore, whenever someone broke the dusty world record, the world’s media will be the news headlines.