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If you ask me a few years ago, it seems that this is not a problem, but the obvious conclusion: Nike win. But now throw a question, most people may have to tangled, will speak out more preferred air max light, Seeing 2017 has been nearly half, after all, the two major oligarchs in the field of sports who lead? Today through a series of examples and explore the study. According to data provided by Deutsche Bank in March this year, Nike in the field of shoes sales fell 8%, but still in North America in the undisputed leader, accounting for about 55% of the market share; but nike rapid momentum, 84% in North America already has 11% market share. If you only look at the proportion, it is clear that the status of Nike is still a short time can not shake, but nike data is incredibly beautiful, great potential. nike CEO Kasper Rorsted said in an interview with Bloomberg that he was delighted with the rally but was not satisfied with nike’s current position in the US, hoping the future could continue to expand its market share in the United States and show strong confidence. Speaking of these words, Kasper Rorsted both from the tone or eyes are revealing a firm and unbelievable confidence, as if not a prediction, but the outcome will occur in general. And then the time transferred to May 4. nike announced that in the North American and Chinese markets have achieved 36% and 30% of the sales rose, still showing a strong momentum. nike can have the immediate results, thanks entirely in recent years, product development and investment, as well as the market strategy of more flowering. Nike, although the slow gains in the March release of earnings reported sales rose only 3%, but the profit rose still as high as 24%, a certain level also reflects the inevitable result of Nike to broaden the market, that is, to maintain a stable profit at the same time, Try to find new breakthroughs. In the 2017 annual brand list released by Forbes, Nike ranked 16th in the world with $ 29.6 billion, and nike ranked 75th at $ 7.9 billion. From the intuitive data, Nike is still far ahead of nike, and in the short term nike if you want to catch up with the market value of Nike is probably not so easy.