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Previously low-key in the marketing of Nike, in September in the Chinese market has launched several micro-film series. If you have seen, you will find that they do not take the traditional brand advertising campaign – there is neither a professional athlete, nor the arena. In addition to occasional Nike sneakers close-ups, they appear to have little to do with sport, in adverts called “Shrek Shirt,” “Sad Heart,” “To Heartbreakers,” and “New Street Doctrine” . To “sad food”, for example, in the 18-minute video, tells a restaurant owner is how to use food to help the love of the patrons to untie the knot. The sudden popularity of 2012, making 2014 Nike sales in mainland China than in 2012 increased by 3 digits. After the burst of red, Nike does not want their own in the Chinese market is short-lived. Jiang Chang admitted that wearing a narrow leg pants pedal Nike of the Korean star is probably the brand in the Chinese market became a tipping point. Many fans come to the store to find a South Korean star at the foot of the Nike shoes. In a variety of street shooting and fashion magazines, Nike figure is more frequent, almost became a national sports shoes. But he believes that this is more popular “turbulence”, “you have no way to grasp its context,cheap air max navigate, it and culture, and young people’s thoughts.” It is undeniable that this turbulence to this The United States running shoes brand in China received unprecedented popularity. However, the trend came and went, Nike more want to do is in the “turbulence” to seize some of the characteristics of their own brand with the combination of things, then guide it. Nike is trying to develop the Chinese market with a series of new advertisements to give Chinese customers more awareness about the brand. According to the data provided by Nike, the Chinese people will be exposed to 500 ads a day, how to spread to make the viewer willing to become a brand media, Nike concern. Ultimately, Nike opted for micro-film ads that could easily incorporate brand information into the storyline and resonate emotionally. One of the qualities that makes Nike different is its origin. The new ads, there is a theme “to the ingenuity of the heart” of the micro-film, starred in the music is Taiwan’s Lee Tsung-sheng. In the short film, Nike shoemaker’s work clips and Lee Tsung-sheng carefully worn guitar close-up with the montage of the cross. More than 10 years of perseverance hand-made musical instruments, and founder of “Li Kyrgyzstan” brand Li Zongsheng tells the music as a person, the system of the comprehend. Nike is to take this to show the British production, the US production series unique “artisans spirit.”