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In today’s small forward, the strong rise of the letter brother let the Bucks see hope. This summer his shoes contract expires, many well-known brands are beginning to compete for the popular Greek star. In Nike and Adi between the domestic brand Li Ning blaze a trail, it is learned that the letter brother has accepted the offer of Li Ning, as the former club, Nike has 20 days to choose to air max pillar, But Li Ning can be described as under the capital, not only to meet the letter on the requirements of the salary, but also willing to give equity, which makes it difficult to refuse the letter brother.Prior to this, the letter brother is Nike’s players, but it is shabby, but Nike only gave him a $ 25,000 contract. In 2017, “the letter brother” career for the first time selected All-Star game, he received from Nike $ 50,000 prize money, his shoes contract annual income twice.Today, different from the past, this summer the letter brother got a 4 years 100 million US dollars of the contract, took the peak of life. This season, the letter brother in the regular season averaged 22.9 points, 8.8 rebounds plus 5.4 times to help 1.6 steals and 1.9 blocked shots and lead the Bucks into the playoffs, he is also the first five NBA history technology Statistics all the crown team players, it should be said that his business value has gone up.Adidas gave the letter brother a car equipment, plus several pairs of coconuts, the first to launch an offensive. But Li Ning is more ferocious, it is learned that Li Ning out of the contract annual salary reached eight digits (tens of millions of dollars), in fact, according to the value of the letter brother worth the price. Last season, James’s shoes income is 32 million US dollars, Durant is 25 million US dollars.But Li Ning gave the letter brother can not refuse the conditions, that is, equity, after Li Ning Wade in the contract when it is this offensive, and ultimately won the heart of the flash. Now Li Ning on track, his market value of 10.8 billion yuan, out of the trough and then re-profitable.Sources said Adidas and Nike’s offer is not expected to include equity. After visiting this summer in Asia, Ade Quinco has a deeper understanding of his international market. Therefore, he is not afraid of the challenge, willing to take risks and Li Ning signed. Nike will have the right to match the contract, then, Nike has 20 working days to decide whether to match the endorsement contract.