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In the 12 months ended May 31, Nike Group sales rose 6% to 34.4 billion US dollars, net profit rose 13% to 4.2 billion US dollars, Nike brand sales increased 8% to 32.2 billion US dollars, the Group’s Gross margin fell further by 160 percentage points to 44.6%, as analysts pointed out, which means that Nike launched more discounts during the period to stimulate sales growth. But Nike in the core market, the performance of the United States is still no improvement, while the US market is adidas and Nike future competition key. Adidas has begun in the US market force, the group CEO Kasper Rorsted also said that adidas brand loyalty in the US market is still to be improved, the future will increase the investment in the US market, improve the speed of the supply chain, hoping to sell more Full price of goods. With the golden age of Stan Smith is declining, adidas is also looking for the next “Stan Smith”, continue to make the brand as a profit engine. In adidas continue to provoke, Nike and other sports brands (thematic reading) eventually went to a similar development path with adidas. Founded in 1996 in the sports brand Under Armor, initially focused on football players wearing sweat dress, product gene is functional, until now most of its products are still functional, and sportswear is becoming a casual trend Does not match. Prof. Chen Grazutis, an analyst at Bloomberg, argues that Under Armor is in a passive situation when the market moves from functionality to fashion. However, the Puma, which originally relied on the star effect, has now begun to reinvigorate its competitive advantage and credibility in professional sports, such as running shoes, to seize the market share of New Balance, Under Armor and other competitors. There are analysis, in Rihanna and sprint champion Usain Bolt under the influence of Puma both in the field of sports or fashion are getting more and more consumer attention and love. However, there are people in the industry that sports equipment started Puma but rely on fashion elements to get rid of the plight, it seems slightly embarrassing. Now, Puma has begun to realize this problem, began to vigorously layout professional sports market, the current sponsorship of the game team involved in running, football, golf and even racing areas. So that is to follow the trend is a trick,cheap air vapormax,a little carelessness will be the brand’s original loyal customers completely abandoned. An important fact is that the brand that lost the core soul will be more likely to be replaced in increasingly fierce competition. Some analysts pointed out that the fashion headlines, marketing easy to imitate, the brand gene is not easy to establish. Nike now to the stars and explosive models bow, just to prove that the Nike away from its brand of genes, began to lose patience to run the brand culture, adidas like to rely on marketing, stars and explosive models of the brand. Nike follow adidas way, has put himself into the same starting line with other brands, but to the new sports brand to enter the market can take advantage of the machine. For some people, become a popular culture of Nike is not cool, and through the star marketing to attract consumers may not become Nike’s loyal fans, and the original loyal customers will continue to drain. A pair of Air VaporMax behind the Nike product logic changes, it can be in the end to Nike, where it is impossible to make the exact conclusion. However, people should be vigilant is that when the explosion has been carefully manufactured out of the burst mode has become a copy of the success, but the more easy to copy, the more easily replaced.