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So our goal is to minimize the probability of occurrence of sliding socks inside and outside, in order to provide unique solutions for athletes. “However, although the Nike design team also began to consider the adoption of a silicone material as a means of non-slip, athletes’ feedback allows them from the perspective of bionics found the answer Clarke said:.” Athletes are constantly telling us, good cotton socks. Through research, we found that the surface of cotton socks will expand due to moisture, thereby providing better anti-slip effect. “Athletes’ feedback let us shines, if the contact area of the socks can be increased, then the non-slip effect will increase. Such findings designers have turned to synthetic capillary fiber. For example, gecko, wall gecko can swim, too benefit from numerous toe hairs, while the capillary fiber is used NikeGRIP than ordinary fibers provide more contact area of the upper and the foot would capillary fibers and ordinary fibers woven together, constitute the ultimate material socks .Of course, finding the right material is the first step, equally important to determine how much friction is most appropriate, and key parts of the need to increase friction.