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It is understood that well-known sports brand Nike (Nike) will be in January 2017 and Singapore to stop small retailers and cooperative relations. At present, the news in Singapore has caused local riots. The Business Times said several small retailers in the shopping district of Singapore are relying on Nike’s best-selling brands to attract customers,cheap genuine air max 95, they believe that the loss of Nike this partner is a huge blow. “A lot of us are going to die, and some shops that opened in the 70s and 80s will be closed soon,” says Gurbachan Singh, manager of Salam & Sons, a sports retailer in Singapore. “We’ve been doing business with Nike for twenty years and have been following the rules they’ve set, never dragging the bills, selling fakes and importing the same money,” he added. “We do not know why Nike is doing this to us. In this regard, the Asian sporting goods distributor Premier Sports International general manager Mark Penu that, NIke and small retailers cut off the relationship is to compliment the large sports retailers, they want and Weston, Sports Link such large chain stores more intimate. Last year, Nike also announced plans to increase its online sales by 600% to $ 7 billion in FY2020, which means Nike is expected to achieve 14% annual sales growth in five years. The last three months, Nike’s sales in China increased by 12% to 1.06 billion US dollars, if taking into account the exchange rate changes, the actual growth rate of 17%.