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Pushing motion digitization has let go of the traditional sports brand Nike competitors in front, but he found himself faced with the potential threat of more and more software companies. After the establishment of the digital world of spheres of influence, Nike’s next step is to build a moat for their digital realm. Take on this task is launched simultaneously with the Fuelband energy metering unit – nike air max 90 shoes australia, Current prevailing movement unit of measurement is calories, Nike + product which in the past has been to use the unit, why should “bother” create a new unit of energy it?

According to the official statement, Nike, and the different calculation methods calories, NikeFuel is a standardized scoring method. Regardless of gender or size, for the same type of movement, the same score for each participant. But this is clearly not the Nike created NikeFuel of all of the reasons. App application now sports except slightly different interface design than in the basic function did not differ significantly. In other words, the cost of users to migrate between different products is very low. The current popular American RunKeeper, for example, cheap air max 90 black and white,it also allows the user to input the motion data.