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However, this situation may change: in this year’s Olympic year, Asics plans to launch a massive TV campaign throughout Europe. In fact, Asics from the 1960s to get involved in the Olympic Games. Asics CEO Al Steyr · Cameron said: “The Japanese particularly good at producing the best products, but the Japanese company may not be able in building sales and distribution network,cheap nike air max 90 uk, or the marketing field has been very excellent. So the company will launch a advertising ‘carnival’ activities in this year. “According to market research firm released analysis report, launched a television advertising campaign in March last year after the Asics in the Spanish market brand awareness increased by more than 7%.

In October last year, Asics launched a second round of television advertising campaign, but the outcome has not yet been traced. However, given the Spanish economy severely hit situation, this Japanese company since the recent performance has been very good. cheap nike air max 90 trainers,Cameron said: “In 2011 we achieved in the European market growth of about 13% which shows that advertising strategy we are implementing is working for in 2012, we are looking to achieve high growth percentage bits. rate.”