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Recently, Nike, “eager to go beyond” (WANT IT MORE) as the theme, launched a very appealing and inspiring global brand advertising campaign, directly to all sports enthusiasts issued orders to encourage them to upgrade the intensity of training to a higher Of the results. The campaign will focus on areas where enthusiasts of all ages are willing to contribute to personal goals in order to support Nike’s global strategy of expanding its product range beyond sports to wider reach , More young user groups. More importantly, the campaign will also pave the way for new product launches across multiple categories. 2016, Nike running shoes series will usher in new members, while also introducing new training series. cheap nike air max hyperfuse men,Both will use the latest technology achievements of the Institute of ergonomics, to provide users with better performance, more design sense and comfort better products. “Want to go beyond” (WANT IT MORE) propaganda heritage of the spirit of the brand spirit. As a focus
To the movement of the preferred products, Nike and its competitors pay more attention to the younger generation and the enthusiasm of the movement. For more than 60 years, the company has always focused on new product development and technological innovation, to support athletes continue to seek self-breakthrough. Nike, global brand marketing senior general manager Paul Miles said: “Nike hopes to encourage and motivate the campaign to achieve their goals.We know that in the sports field only through unremitting efforts in order to make achievements continue to break through, Furthermore .Alexius hope in this way to show professionals and ordinary enthusiasts shared sports passion, this spirit to the world. “As a shoe in the field of long-established professional sports brand, Nike Also hope that through the 2016 China Open tennis platform, to the Chinese tennis fans complete display their brand and its high-performance products to help Nike to expand the future of more sports category of products. To this end, Nike, especially in the tournament site set up a brand exhibition hall to showcase its full line of high-performance products, brand tennis ambassadors and tennis lovers to bring zero-distance interaction opportunities, and to experience the event, tennis training camps and other activities to promote tennis The popularity of the audience in China and development.General Manager of Nike China, Mr. Huang Zehui said: “2016 China Tennis Open is ASICS ASCOS as the sole partner of China Tennis Open in the first session of the tournament.In the event for the official sports apparel, we also All the tennis enthusiasts who come to watch the game provide a series of interesting interactive activities.We hope that together with the Organizing Committee, we will create a high-quality and all-around event for everyone to make the net into a The tennis feast will also introduce our ASICS ASUS brand and products to more tennis fans, motivating them and helping them ‘aspire to go beyond’.