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Knocked-out tax avoidance documents, frequently cracked jerseys, and “labeling shoes” after the contract NBA, sports-brand giant Nike suffered a series of problems … In the face of aggressive adidas, How should they hold their positions? In the 2017 Forbes sports brand value list, sporting goods giant Nike is still ranked first with a value of 29.6 billion US dollars, cheap nike air max lunar90,double eleven trial water wisdom store they also hand in a good answer in China. First, Nike was involved in the “paradise document” scandal. “Paradise Files” refers to 13.4 million documents released by the International Federation of Journalists (ICIJ), revealing tax avoidance of trillions of dollars of assets including the Queen of England. Although these acts may not violate the law, but as the incident continues to ferment, Nike is also involved in the media whirlpool.
As incomes became more unbalanced and the situation more precarious, countless people protesting against “big tax hurlers” like Apple and Nike when protesting more about the companies claiming that “consumers are God” and writing gorgeous societies Responsibility report, making money for the user, but through unscrupulous tax avoidance, ordinary people living in disregard of the protection of hypocrisy attitude. From Nike’s point of view, although their response not only clarified their responsibilities, they advertised themselves. But for consumers, this reply is not distracted, it is difficult to be consumer acceptance. According to the documents already disclosed, Nike’s tax avoidance measures have saved them significant tax costs. But from this year’s situation, although Nike’s financial data looks good, its problems are more and more big. After all, Nike’s 2015 goal is set to target $ 50 billion in revenue for 2020. From their $ 30.6 billion in revenue in 2015, it is undoubtedly a rather difficult goal to achieve the goal of 50 billion yuan annually with an annualized CAGR of about 10.3%. In 2015, Nike announced that they have replaced adidas to win the official NBA sponsorship of the NBA for eight years from the 2017-18 season, which is reported to have reached 1 billion U.S. dollars. After the smooth signing, Nike made a variety of layouts. Including the launch of 4 different types of uniforms, LOGO will be displayed in the official version of the uniforms, the new material from the plastic bottle uniforms, the main environmental protection concept, and added Nike NikeConnect technology.