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According to the market data, 60-70% of the world’s first-tier and second-tier brands come from China, but China’s own brands are few and far between. For example, the most famous footwear exhibition in Milan, Europe and the United States brand exhibitors, Japanese exhibitors, South Korean exhibitors, Brazil exhibitors and even India exhibitors have exhibitors,cheap nike air max womens,but alone without Chinese exhibitors. Can be seen that although China as a consumer power, but the Chinese footwear brand’s influence in the world needs to be improved. Eyes have shifted to the fashionable casual footwear market, which has been developing sprawling with rising consumption. The situation is almost the same. In recent years, almost all categories have been invaded by foreign brands such as nike, COZY STEPS, ECCO and Clarks. Thus, the fashion and casual footwear market competition formed a “fairy fight, state-owned brand onlookers” status quo, behind the brand infiltration and technology competition is fierce. How to succeed in this market in China, at least not on the pit, perhaps, partial movement of Nike fashion trend in recent years may be able to give them a warning, but also ultimately enlighten the growth of China’s footwear brand. The consumer upgrade brought by rising incomes has given Chinese consumers more and more attention to two aspects of shoes: comfort and appearance, the same, the cheaper and the better quality. The “on the go” footwear market is gone. In this process, the rapid rise of fashion leisure goods, the formation of young people as the mainstay of all ages, consumer groups generally become one of the most important type of footwear market, nike, COZY STEPS, ECCO, Clarks and other foreign brands have Into the office, with its comfortable feel, the appearance of both fashion has become the focus of concern several major brands. Initially, “nike” originally refers to the snow boots in Australia, but was later registered as an exclusive trademark, that is, by the United States Deckers in 1978 to set up and operate the nike brand in Australia, there are still “nike “Association against Deckers nike brand. To “snow boots” as a snow boots brand title, no two brushes certainly not. In the fashion casual shoes, the nike brand main high-end luxury snow boots under the Australian shepherd culture, high-end positioning, but like, buyers flock to, reputation is good, since entering the Chinese market in 2008, the current store has nearly 150 , Which is rare in high-end products. However, it is currently facing the COZY STEPS snow boots on the positive challenge.