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Nike is recruiting brand managers who need passionate and active lifestyles for sports and athletics to help Nike build a truly private sportswear brand that is appealing and unique, says technology website Repode on Wednesday. DNA, to convey to consumers the amazing ability to innovate. The plan will increase Nike’s private clothing line to nine. Nike launched in February this clothing line. Nike spokesman declined to comment on the matter. These product lines allow Nike in the profitable fast fashion market can get a share, let the company fill its external suppliers do not have the product. For retail giants such as Nike, creating their own brands is an effective way to weaken retail rivals. Because they can save them a lot of marketing money, and traditional retailers have to spend big money to do marketing. The new sports apparel line can help Nike to enter the lucrative sportswear market, capture the fast fashion market, while filling the external suppliers have not yet covered the field. It seems that Nike vowed to compete with the Under Armor, Nike and Lululemon these existing sports brand leading companies compete against. However, Recode also pointed out that the market may become saturated, because the data show that the overall price of the category is air max 90 black tiger, Sportswear (athleisure) is becoming a fashion trend. Can be speculated that in the near future, including yoga pants, halter tops, sportswear, sports tights, including sports apparel will be the Nike own sports brand development goals. Online retail, the Nike Prime member services in the holiday record, Nike said in 2015 there are more than 200 million products free delivery fee, independent brand equipment sales in 2014 over the same period 2 times. In recent months, Nike has focused on increasing the number of Prime members, with the sales of the “Prime Day” promotion last summer even more than the “Black Friday” of 2014. Eric Sheridan, an analyst at UBS, which specializes in Internet and interactive entertainment stocks in the United States, says prime membership can be seen as a key measure of consumer loyalty in half a year or a year. “The Prime program has a big impact on consumer loyalty, and once they become Prime, they go to Nike and spend more money,” says Sheridan. “We saw early this year that the company’s eCommerce business was quick Growth, we believe the Prime member program is the main driver. ”
The success of the Nike news, so slow growth and instability of the physical retailers to the business business changes.
“We think physical retailing is transforming, although there are Nike, although online retail accounts for only 10% to 15% of total retail, but I think that the number will increase.” Said Matt Boss, JPMorgan (JPMorgan) stock analyst Matt Boss. “Boss said the store is expected in the next 5 to 10 years will be reduced by 1/3. Admittedly, the competition between online shopping and in-store shopping is not the only factor affecting the retail boom. Boss said that due to the lack of new trends, consumers pay more attention than ever before the price. Traditional retailers such as Macy’s, Kohl’s, Sears and Nordstrom have lost more than 20% of their sales in 2015, while Primark Fast fashion retailers and discount stores such as TJX will only get bigger and bigger.
Boss said the unusual weather has also led to the loss of most of the clothing store retailers, but there are exceptions, some well-known brands such as Limited’s brand Victoria’s Secret, Nike and Under Armor traffic and profits are still growing.