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All-Star in addition to the ball outside, or a sports brand marketing battlefield. In the All-Star, not only the game, as well as shoes sub-culture. In many of the movement as the trend of young people, the major brands launched the ball shoes is the focus of the ball. Like the relationship between soldiers and the hands of weapons, on the pitch, a pair of shoes full of personal color is different from the monotonous jersey, the player has become the best way to express personality. All-Star, the actual is a show, compared to the game, the players at the foot of the boots but will cause more attention, whether or not to participate in the All-Star race, sitting on the sidelines of the players, will feet toward the air max 90 women pink, 2000 Jinzhou a buckle, not only the fire of Vince Carter, but also let his feet full of Chinese taste of AND1 Tai Chi become a legendary part. This pair of red and white color of the “tai chi” in front of the world high-profile appearance, with all the limits of human determination to accept the worship. But some time ago, AND1 was the domestic brand of expensive birds with 26 million US dollars to buy the price of the birds in the international status, it will reshape AND1’s brilliant, or let the brand continue to sink, really yet unknown. Speaking of dunk, had to mention Nate Robinson. 1 meter 75 three dunk king, leaving the most exciting part of the All-Star, is the 2009 dunk contest when the pair of fluorescent green NIKE FOAMPOSITE LITE, “krypton spray.”
That year dunk contest, Nate is expected to Howard will once again resorted to Superman suit, so he also prepared in advance “krypton fighters” equipment – green jerseys, socks, arm and green “krypton spray.” Because Superman from Krypton, see the green will become very weak, so Robinson wanted to this one green dress to defeat the “Superman” Howard, and ultimately, Robinson leap 2 meters 10 Howard, successfully defended.