nike air max black tumblr

Emix My Airs is one of the Air Max Day celebrations this year, co-created by Nike’s most innovative musicians in China. Lisi Si lead, inviting their pioneers in the field of music creators, the design features of the shoes blend of contemporary music style, showing “Nike Presents The Sound Of Air” style album, interpretation of Air Max dedicated to each year’s rebellious appearance. By the domestic hip-hop music first gold producer Soulspeak featuring creation, this song inspired by the late 80s hip-hop music in the typical Breakbeat, it is this quite a sense of music rhythm,
Interpretation of the 90’s so far style of hip hop style. With Air Max 1 coincides with their time in the precursor, have never stopped, again and again to break through the self, in the Air Max 90 birth of the era, Club culture swept across air max black tumblr, Its great urban style and color bold design, became the young people to Club hot dance advertised style must line head. New pants band in this song, into the cheerful Disco and New Wave elements, showing the Air Max 90 has not diminished the vitality of the full., The bold design of the human anatomy, the fluorescent color of the bits, and the overcrowding of the air cushion technology, Air Max 95 at the time became the eyes of most people “heterogeneous”. But in Japan in the original culture of the tide by the unprecedented warm welcome, and even the formation of explosive Air Max 95 boom. This is a unique song for its custom, created by Soulspeak and Linfeng, to Funk (funk music) improvised and strong rhythm, the interpretation of the intention to become the mainstream of the times, but destined to affect the future trend of Air Max 95.