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Nike brand side said: “With Nike stylish series new release, we will take this opportunity to unprecedented unique point of view to explore the needs of athletes, and tap the 24-hour race day, the off the field athlete untold story in front of the fanatical cheering spectators, athletes need to withstand enormous psychological pressure, maintain a high degree of focus. “” designed and launched Nike ZNE Hoodie, including a full line of products to help players adjust their mentality before, in order to focus on their personal way to seek to achieve the high level of mental concentration, to play alone. from the perspective of design aesthetic, we can also be very excited and proud to say that Nike stylish series (Nike Athletics) products with the top of the production process, thereby security professional athletes exhibit, avant-garde, positive personal style. “hood portion Nike ZNE Hoodie uses large profile and double-layer design, can adequately shielded from outside interference, so that athletes stay warm and focused state. Inner cap space can accommodate headphones, comprehensive care to athletes before playing music habits. A new generation of fine tailoring and thicker fabrics,cheap air max hyperfuse, comfortable skin-friendly and flexible, “Made 2 Move” stitch structure and sunken shoulders to ensure that activities designed flexible and comfortable, while also highlighting the fashion daring, modern style. Hidden zipper pocket storage function can play while on the go, in the inner label on a low-key interpretation and convey the spirit of dedicated athletes. Nike stylish series (Nike Athletics) This revolutionary new series will be the global market at September 10, and launched the first star of a single product series Nike Z.N.E. Hoodie. For all athletes, before quickly focus and go all out to maintain the state of the game’s performance is crucial. Nike Z.N.E. Hoodie emerged that end, the three key elements into the design, by shielding the noise, reduce visual interference and guarantees comfort, helping athletes maintain a highly focused state. It combines cutting-edge technology and high-quality fabrics, with a nice cut effect, whether before or after the game or casual day, can provide people with excellent wearing experience. The world’s leading sports brand Nike announced innovative brand new category in New York City – Sports lattice series (Nike Athletics) officially released. This unique series is designed to match the traditional coat inject new inspiration, help athletes before the game interference shielding at stake moment fully focused.