nike air max yellow

1. Upper material: NIKE basketball shoes are generally used in synthetic leather running shoes are generally super fiber PU are not leather, but they contain higher density than the leather and toughness and breathability better than the leather is not easy Deformation so good artificial leather material even more expensive than the price of leather but also better than the general simulation of the shoe will not use the finest artificial leather or microfiber PU shoes to do the resolution method is to see the gloss of the material is more shiny material is True shoes there is squeeze by hand or stretch the upper leather feel it is very tough and air max yellow,Void some of the craft such as eager micro-injection and so on shoes are definitely the material of the TPU fake shoes and most Are both PVC are the same in appearance but the TPU’s high cost of materials and soft materials, good tensile properties of PVC is not the case that there is no flexibility of the material is not soft and not easy to wear winter Occurred in the midsole: Although the overall appearance in the end of the simulation shoe and the shape of the real shoe is almost no difference, but in the shoe in the end of the material or there will be gaps in the bottom material Although both EVA secondary foaming material (that is, we often say that PHYLON) but the hard and soft shoes and real shoes are burning out of the real shoes is not the same TrueLINK shoes PHYLON will feel soft and hard Moderate degree of elasticity is very flexible with the nail press after PHYLON will naturally return to the state before the press will not leave a long time press the mind and fake shoes PHYLON can not reach the real shoes that Kind of level.soles outsole: Although the outsole are used in the rubber material in the outsole of the material is also true and false shoes can see the difference between the real shoes in the firing outsole when mixed with some chemical inside Material recycling materials or carbon The purpose of doing so is to make the shoes more wear-resistant skid resistance and superior fake shoes in the firing outsole will not take into account these so fake shoes outsole slip and wear The extent is far worse than real shoes in the gloss on the outsole than the big end of real shoes outsole color to light and then tell you a little trick is to listen to sound wearing shoes in plastic or on the floor The friction of the forefoot will be very loud and crisp Of the “creak” sound fake shoes under normal circumstances, there will absolutely not be such a sound.Sole function: Here I want to be like everyone said is the carbon fiber and TPU support tablets in the purchase of some of NIKE’s cutting-edge Most shoe products when the shoe will be looking at the carbon fiber to determine whether the shoes are true or false This method can be seen at a glance the true and false shoes Because the cost of carbon fiber is really high So fake shoes will not use carbon fiber Will only find some similar materials with carbon fiber to use this, of course, will make the true and the false at a glance, say the TPU support film Although the cost is not low, but now the basic big-name sports shoes will appear on the simulation shoes, of course, In fact, copy TPU is also a trick to see First, look at the color of the fake shoes TPU color than the true color of the shoe and it is not translucent texture than the real shoe TPU to be some soft,Since the real shoes and making shoes version of the division are different developers are different, so the shoe lasts and the opened version will certainly be different from the real shoes, so with the real shoes and fake shoes Shoes compared to certainly be different and some of the lines in the shoes due to the version of the version opened by the version of real shoes and fake shoes will have a lot of differences. (Except some top version of the shoes)