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The last year Under Armor has done a lot of criticism of the place, the first is to promote their sports shoes products. As the proportion of clothes in their sales is too large, UA must overcome the competition to shorten the board. The company signed a new generation of NBA star Curry also won the NBA championship, should be stimulated for the sale of sports shoes. nikeair max ultra 95 red,The second place to be criticized is a more rapid expansion of globalization. From 2010 to 2013, UA’s share of the US sportswear market increased from 2.6% to 4.9%, surpassing that of Adidas 3.8%. In theory, the story of the United States market can be copied to the world, UA should also be replaced by the global expansion of Adidas brand. But the results are very different, over the past year UA became the largest decline in sports goods company. Shares fell more than 50%, while the industry leader Nike rose nearly 20%. What happened to UA? Let’s take a look at the latest quarterly data. UA’s overall wholesale revenue fell 13%, sportswear sales fell 8%, sales of women and young users are lower than expected. Gross margin fell 130 BP. However, inventories increased by 22% over the same period last year. Total revenue in the third quarter of 1.4 billion US dollars, down 4%, while net profit of 100 million US dollars, but also fell 22% year on year. Interestingly, SUVs and overseas operations, which have been criticized by UA for a long time ago, have shown some growth. Sports shoes business increased by 2%, international business revenue soared 35%, of which sales in Asia Pacific increased by 52%. However, none of these bright spots can offset the biggest UA problem in recent years: the U.S. market has been lost. UA’s rise has a very strong background of the times. Over the past decade the most prominent feature of the sportswear industry is the strengthening of functionality, weakening of the brand. Nike up 80 time, the use of basketball shoes scene is very large. Play basketball, running, walking can wear. At that time is the sweetest time of the big brand sportswear, the user is not concerned about the functionality of the more value-oriented brands. So Nike is also accompanied by Michael Jordan this super-IP, and become the largest market value of the United States sports brand enterprises. Today, more and more functional segments of sports goods, running, fitness, retail and so have professional shoes. UA initially cut into a very segmented sports tights market. Their products are very focused and then gradually grow from a niche market. The smaller the market segments, the stronger the market leader has a first mover advantage. Many are today users of UA superhero tights. UA faces two fatal issues after having enjoyed a relatively long period of sweetness. First, that is, in the process of growing up, it is impossible to maintain a small but beautiful business model and sales revenue must continue to expand. So for retail products, sales expansion depends on two conditions: the channel and the frequency of consumption. Sports tights are difficult to increase the frequency of consumption, it can only increase the channel. This also led UA inevitably from a popular brand gradually become a popular brand, resulting in UA gradually lose their “forced”. In the past UA was an exclusive brand of sports and fitness professionals, but more and more ordinary people are wearing UA today. Like one day filled with people on the back of the LV, those broad ladies are bound to choose a new brand. Second, the sporting goods industry essentially needs category innovations as well. Over the past few years, the layout and innovation of UA in sports shoes have not been successful. Although there is growth, the growth rate of UA is very slow. On the contrary, in the field of sportswear is slowly catching up with Adidas and Nike. In particular, Adidas has been beyond the UA a few years ago, the new tree in recent years, sales revenue overtake UA.